Welcome to Prime Texas Surveys

Based in Houston, Texas, with over 25 years of residential and commercial land surveying experience, Prime Texas Surveys will ensure that you have an accurate survey to fit your specific requirements. From ALTA/ACSM surveys to topographical surveys, we are ready to handle all of your land surveying needs, These include:

    • Title Surveys/Category
      1A Condition surveysWe will conduct a thorough analysis and assessment of the major factors related to the location of land boundaries, ownership lines and rights of way and easements.
    • Acreage and Lot SurveysHowever
      large your lot, we will be able to accurately apply our advanced land surveying tools to complete the survey to your specifications.
    • Topographical Surveys
      survey will show the various elevations of the lot. It will typically include cross sectional information and contour profiles.
    • Elevation Certificates
      This certificate, developed by FEMA, can be used by the property owner to obtain business-saving flood insurance.
    • Engineering SurveysWe
      offer these surveys primarily to engineering companies in Houston during the initial stages of any number of improvement projects.
    • Commercial ALTA/ACSM
      Title SurveysPrime Texas Surveys guarantees title surveys that are compliant with the minimum standard detail requirements and classifications set forth by the America Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping.
    • Utilities Surveys
      This survey provides essential information regarding the placement of underground utilities in preparation for work on the lot.
We also offer a full spectrum of Builder and Architect Services. We can provide you with accurate land surveying services in a timely manner while still remaining cost effective. Please contact our office in Houston or click the link at the top of the page to request a quote. For more information View a Complete List of Our Services